If You Couldn’t Wear Contact Lenses Before, These New Advanced Lenses Could Change That

Clear Vision & Comfort

Given the choice, many people would gladly choose contact lenses over glasses to correct their vision. Contact lenses are not only perceived as more attractive, many people consider them a better corrective vision option for their active lifestyles.

Unfortunately, some patients in need of vision correction haven’t been able to take full advantage of contact lenses because of an eye condition. Traditional soft contact lenses, for example, often can’t match the corrective power of glasses for people with astigmatism or irregular corneas. And older patients who’ve worn contacts for years may find they now have to use reading glasses to supplement their vision because of a common condition called presbyopia.

Today, though, many people once prevented from wearing contact lenses now have some exciting new options. A contact lens producer called SynergEyes has created advanced lenses that adjust for problems like astigmatism, irregular corneas or presbyopia. The company produced their first generation of high-tech lenses in 2005, and since then have expanded their offerings to address a greater number of vision situations.

Their flagship lens, Duette, is a hybrid that combines a rigid center (similar to a hard gas-permeable lens) for sharper vision with a soft outer ring that offers the comfort of a traditional soft lens. As a result, Duette lenses are comparable to glasses in their effectiveness for correcting vision in astigmatism patients. They also produce a Duette progressive lens for older patients who want to keep wearing contacts without supplemental reading glasses.

SynergEyes also produces a lens that corrects vision much more effectively than conventional contact lenses for people with irregularly-shaped corneas. This rigid scleral lens extends out into the sclera or white of the eyeball; the wider coverage allows a greater degree of rise in the lens above the cornea, which more readily adapts to an irregular shape. Although it’s considered a hard lens, the SynergEyes scleral lens is still comfortable to wear because of its shape and design.

There’s also another advantage to SynergEyes specialty lenses – they may last longer than other conventional contact lenses. Patients usually replace soft lenses on a daily, biweekly or monthly schedule. In contrast, SynergEyes’ Duette has a recommended six-month replacement schedule, and the Scleral lens up to year.

If you’ve ever wanted to wear contacts but have been prevented because of an eye problem, consider SynergEyes contact lenses. You may find they have a contact lens solution that finally frees you from glasses.

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