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Leading The Way With CATALYS® Precision Cataract Laser Surgery

Always a Leader in Vision Care, Hattiesburg Eye Clinic was the first in Mississippi to offer the CATALYS® Precision Laser System for cataract surgery. It was the first laser Designed Exclusively for Cataract Treatment and approved by the FDA.

CATALYS® combines a highly developed femtosecond laser with advanced high resolution 3 D imaging capabilities and software that enables surgeons to perform Gentle, Customized Procedures with Unparalleled Innovation for Accuracy and Precision.


Cataracts – Diminishing Sight And Quality Of Life

Cataracts occur when the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy, due to conditions brought on by age and other factors. The cataract reduces the amount of light allowed into the eye – and what light does pass through becomes diffused and scattered. As a result, vision becomes progressively blurry and unfocused, severely limiting a person’s ability to see clearly.

Since cataracts can’t be corrected with glasses or contacts, ophthalmologists treat the condition through surgery to remove the clouded lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

CATALYS® Changes Everything

The CATALYS® laser system replaces the handheld scalpel with automated operations that are ten times more accurate than the manual technique. CATALYS® now allows surgeons to build greater precision and comfort into every step of the procedure.

  • The shape and size of a person’s eye is as unique to them as a fingerprint. The CATALYS® System’s advanced 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and exclusive template-based software and sophisticated computer algorithms allow surgeons to capture this unique data and use it to quickly and efficiently plan out the procedure.
  • The CATALYS® System’s unique Liquid Optics™ interface enables surgeons to dock the laser with the patient’s eye in a stable and comfortable manner. Its liquid-filled suction ring gently maintains the cornea’s integrity (with a minimal rise in intraocular pressure) to provide the laser a clear, precise path for delivering the incisions according to the treatment plan.
  • CATALYS® performs all the steps necessary to break up and remove the old lens – while producing virtually none of the ultrasound energy that may occur with traditional procedures – and prepare the eye capsule to receive the new IOL. As with every other phase of the procedure, CATALYS® performs these steps in just seconds while still maintaining a high margin of safety and unprecedented accuracy.

The result: with CATALYS® and the system’s built-in accuracy and precision, our accomplished physicians can complete the procedure in as little as thirty minutes, vastly reduce the risks for post-operative complications and increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes – including vision without the aid of glasses or contacts.

Hattiesburg Eye Clinic: The Most Experienced Team – The Most Advanced Technology.

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