Hattiesburg Eye Clinic Leads the Way in Senior Eye Care

As we grow older, aging can bring unwelcome changes to our vision. While most of these may only require lifestyle tweaks to accommodate them, a few serious age-related conditions like cataracts and glaucoma can cause major vision loss.

The doctors and staff of Hattiesburg Eye Clinic are committed to helping their older patients avoid the dangers posed by these and other sight-robbing conditions. They’ve made senior care a high priority, so much so that they’ve invested strongly in the latest technology and treatments to provide the most up-to-date care.

That’s particularly true in the treatment of cataracts, the gradual clouding of the eyes’ natural lenses. Without proper treatment, patients increasingly encounter blurry vision and duller color perception. But cataracts are easily treatable, thanks to amazing advances over the last few decades – cataract patients not only regain clearer sight, but most gain better sight than they’ve had in years.

Hattiesburg Eye Clinic was the first provider in Mississippi to adopt the CATALYS® Precision Laser, the only laser surgical system designed and built from the ground up specifically for cataract surgery. CATALYS® automates nearly every procedural step once performed manually during cataract surgery to remove a patient’s damaged natural lenses, in a fraction of the time and with a higher degree of accuracy.

Removing the damaged lenses is only part of the treatment –a cataract patient also needs artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs) to replace the damaged ones and restore sight. Hattiesburg Eye Clinic provides three different IOL options, depending on a patient’s budget and lifestyle needs.

Their standard lens corrects only for distance vision; the Toric lens corrects for both distance and astigmatism. Their premier lens, the Tecnis Symfony®, corrects for near, intermediate and distance vision, as well as astigmatism. Though results may vary, the Tecnis Symfony® allows many patients to be less dependent on glasses for near and distance vision.

Glaucoma, another leading cause of blindness in older adults, is increasing annually in the U.S. with the aging of the “Baby Boomer” generation. It’s caused by chronic high pressure in the eye’s intraocular fluid that eventually damages the optic nerve.

It’s often a “silent” disease – a person may not even know they have a problem until their eyesight becomes permanently impaired. But it can be detected by a routine eye exam, which is why Hattiesburg Eye Clinic and other providers recommend an annual eye exam for anyone thirty-five and older.

Although it can’t be cured, glaucoma can be effectively managed, often initially with daily eye drop medication to maintain normal eye pressure. If the medication proves ineffective, however, doctors can turn to more invasive procedures to improve fluid drainage and lower pressure.

To meet the growing need posed by this serious condition, Hattiesburg Eye Clinic recently welcomed Dr. Adam Quinn, a glaucoma specialist from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Quinn has extensive training and experience treating both glaucoma and cataracts (which can occur simultaneously), and is skilled in advanced laser surgical techniques for alleviating glaucoma symptoms.

Eyesight is a precious commodity at any age, but especially in a person’s later years. With their premier senior eye care, Hattiesburg Eye Clinic is helping their older patient’s preserve – and even regain – their sight.

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