What Are The TECNIS Eyhance™ Intraocular Lenses?

The TECNIS Eyhance™ IOL outperforms other monofocal lenses for clear vision at varied distances. Hattiesburg Eye Clinic is one of the first providers in the nation to offer this new mid-range choice to their patients for improved vision after cataract surgery.

What’s Different About An Eyhance™ Lens?

An intraocular lens (IOL) replaces the eye’s natural lens, which is removed during cataract surgery. But not all IOLs are alike: Some, like the TECNIS Symfony® lens are “multifocal,” which means they can collect and distribute light from various distances. Because of this, many patients with multifocal lenses can see well near, far or in between without glasses.

By contrast, standard “monofocal” lenses have a single fixed focus tuned to a particular distance, usually far. Patients with monofocal lenses may still need glasses for near objects like a book or magazine or for objects at an intermediate distance like computer or television screens.

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The new Eyhance™ IOL is a monofocal lens, yet because of its new, unique shape it has a larger depth of focus than other monofocal lenses. This allows many patients with Eyhance™ lenses not only to see objects clearly at a distance without the aid of glasses, but also objects at an intermediary range like a computer or television.

Because of their unique design, Eyhance™ IOLs can also reduce light distractions that often occur with other types of lenses. Patients with Eyhance™ lenses have lower incidences of halos, glare or a “starburst” effect from oncoming headlights or other bright lights. This feature of Eyhance™ IOLs, coupled with possibly better focus at various distances, can improve your vision experience and allow you to participate in more activities without the aid of glasses.

Another Option For Sharper Vision After Cataract Surgery

The new Eyhance™ IOL expands Hattiesburg Eye Clinic’s range of lens options for their cataract patients. For those who want the affordability of monofocal lens, but with clearer vision at intermediate distances and beyond, the Eyhance™ IOL is a solid choice.

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