TECNIS Symfony® Intraocular Lenses

Hattiesburg Eye Clinic surgeons are among the first in the nation to provide the new TECNIS Symfony® Intraocular Lenses for the treatment of cataracts. As the next step in intraocular lenses (IOLs), the Tecnis Symfony provides a full range – near, intermediate and distance – of continuous high-quality vision following cataract surgery.

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Hattiesburg Eye Surgeon implanting the new TECNIS Symfony lens.

Benefits of TECNIS Symfony® IOLs

The new FDA-approved lens has been shown to reduce the effect of presbyopia, the worsening with age of the ability to focus on close objects like fine print. Another approved version, the Tecnis Symfony Toric®, corrects astigmatism, distorted vision due to a misshapen cornea. And the unique optics of the Symfony lenses dramatically reduces halos and glares to levels lower than other multifocal IOLs.

The new Symfony lenses join other high quality implant lens options offered by Hattiesburg Eye Clinic that replace a patient’s natural lens during surgical eye procedures like cataract surgery. Patients can also choose the standard monofocal IOL, which typically provides excellent distant vision, or a variety of multifocal lenses that can improve vision at closer distances.

Should I Choose the TECNIS Symfony® IOL?

The Symfony lens, though, is the obvious choice for patients who wish to regain or even surpass the vision they had before they turned forty. Patients who choose Symfony lenses are more likely to achieve improved intermediate and near vision while still achieving the distance vision patients typically obtain with a standard monofocal IOL.  These breakthrough lenses could turn back the clock and restore you with vision that has little or no dependence on glasses – even when reading.

Click here to find out how the TECNIS Symfony lens changed the life of, Hattiesburg Eye Clinic patient, Mrs. Beverly Crowley. Click here learn more about the TECNIS Symfony lens on the manufacturers’ website.

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