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A New Way To Protect Your Vision From Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a silent thief – with little to no symptoms it can gradually rob you of your vision.

For people with glaucoma the only way to avoid this outcome has been with medication or laser surgery – until now. There’s a new alternative: iStent®, a revolutionary implant device now available at Hattiesburg Eye Clinic.

A Serious Eye Condition you may not Know you Have

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Glaucoma occurs when the passageways that drain the clear fluid within the eye become blocked. The fluid builds up and creates abnormally high intraocular (“within the eye”) pressure. Over time the elevated pressure damages the delicate optic nerve causing a noticeable decrease in vision.

You often can’t feel this increased pressure – we most often discover it during vision examinations. Once detected, we can often regulate the pressure with eye drop medication or laser surgery.

Although these methods can be effective, they have their disadvantages. Medicated drops are often costly and usually must be applied several times a day, creating a nuisance for daily life. Laser treatments are likewise expensive and may need to be repeated if symptoms return.

Introducing iStent® at Hattiesburg Eye Clinic

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But now Hattiesburg Eye Clinic is offering a new alternative for reducing the effects of glaucoma: the iStent® implant. This device creates a new pathway for eye fluid to drain and reduce intraocular pressure.

The iStent® works in principle like a cardiovascular stent. But instead of allowing blood to flow within a blocked blood vessel the1 mm long titanium tube allows fluid to flow and drain freely from the eye.

Surgeons with Hattiesburg Eye Clinic can install one or more iStent® implants during cataract surgery for patients with mild to moderate glaucoma. They’re placed in a minimally invasive manner through the incisions made during the surgery into the blocked drainage spaces between the cornea and iris. This creates an access tunnel for fluid to drain away from the eye into the bloodstream.

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A Tiny Device with a Huge Impact

Once implanted, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to notice an iStent® implant. About the size of a letter on a penny, it’s the smallest known implant device used in the human body.

But although tiny, its effect can be huge. Studies have shown iStent® implants are effective in long-term reduction of intraocular pressure. And it reduces or eliminates the need for expensive eye drops or invasive surgery. But most importantly, though, it can substantially reduce your risks of future vision loss.

Talk with us Today About iStent®

Currently, the iStent® implant is FDA-approved for patients with mild to moderate glaucoma undergoing cataract surgery. If you would like to know more about iStent® and whether you would be a good candidate, contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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